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Girl Child Education

SWO believes that everyone has a right to basic education. In many parts of the world however, children particularly girls are denied access to this right. SWO addresses reasons why girls are out of school and involve the communities in identifying and overcoming these barriers to learning. This is done in collaboration with individuals, government, partner organizations.

Mentorship programme for girls in School

This initiative is undertaken to empower girls in school to boost their self-esteem and build confidence so that success is attained. SWO provides meaningful programs on life skills, career talks, skills on passage from childhood to adulthood among other in order to empower girls to move forward with their lives

Women Economic Empowerment

SWO is committed to the empowerment of women. We support and connect women with resources that create increased self-esteem. We also build the women capacities through entrepreneurial and life skills for them to be able to manage their businesses and lives more reasonably.

Women and Children rights

SWO appreciate the fact that all people have right to participate in and influence the decisions that affects their lives. In this regard SWO emphasis on zero violence against women and children through raising awareness about their rights and promoting the engagement of women in public decision making processes. We will achieve this by empowering women to express their issues and demands through acting collectively. SWO also shun any form of violence against girl child e.g. early marriages, Female Genital Mutilation etc..

Reproductive health

SWO works to prevent the spread of the virus. Particularly SWO works with women on safe childbirth and breastfeeding practices so as to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV between mother and child. We also organize sensitization workshop for people in various communities in order to equip the communities with knowledge to prevent more infections. .